It’s wedding season: the owls are coming

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In general, owl shows at weddings go off without a hitch, said Mr. Blake, the falconer. He’s been taking Juliet to weddings for five years, he said, and she’s never flown away with the rings.

Sometimes, of course, something goes wrong. For example, a bride who has an owl sitting on her arm for a period of time may not end up with an all-white wedding dress. And in 2018, an owl delivered rings to the altar and then attacked a wedding guest in Cheshire, England.

Yvonne Forrester, clerk of Staffordshire council who officiated at Robinson’s wedding, said it was his third with an owl. Her grandson got married using an owl as a ring bearer, she said. At that wedding, the owl had to fly across a small body of water. Instead, the owl flew into the woods – taking the real rings with it – delaying the ceremony for half an hour as members of the wedding party frantically chased it.

Sarah Elvin, a wedding photographer who has photographed hundreds of weddings over the past 15 years across Britain, said that when the trend first took hold more than a decade ago, there was “barely a wedding” without a flying ring bearer. Since the pandemic, she said, she has seen owls return as a mainstay of British weddings.

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